French regional jewellery - Limousin



The écotée cross of Limoges cro

 'ecotée' cross, gold, 19th century, Limoges region


The écotée cross of Limoges is unique with its arms bristling with small spikes and ending with its chiseled patterns reminiscent of the open tail of a flying bird. A Christ in relief above a very large crown of thorns decorates one side, Mary with child decorates the other while rays project from the centre of the cross. Three teardrop pendants are suspended from the arms.

The écotée cross has a form that evokes rough hewn wood, as a local belief thought it unlikely that the true cross would have been made of smoothly finished wood.  The three pendants represent the tears of Christ, who was said to have wept three times.  Michel Yvon says he saw an écotée cross with the hallmarks of Angoulême 1819-1838.  The ends of the écotée cross, which resemble the tail of a bird, caused it to be known locally as the Holy Spirit of Limoges.


 'ecotée' cross, gold-filled, 19th century, Limoges region



 'ecotée' cross, gold, 19th century, Limoges region



 'ecotée' cross, gold, 18th-19th century, Limoges region, front and back view



Limousine enamelled jewellery

Modern jewels garnished with Limoges enamels are of course sold somewhat throughout France however they are particularly popular in the Limousin region where they are worn proudly and thus they can be considered to be regional jewels.


 modern earrings in
gold and Limoges enamel

modern enamelled
pin from Limoges

 modern pendant in
gold and Limoges enamel



 modern pendant in gold and Limoges enamel




 Other Limousine jewellery


At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the women of the suburbs of Limoges wore long earrings formed by mother-of-pearl shells (lâ coquâ), wide rings and Holy Spirit pendants in gold (the écotée cross).




regional jewellery and costumes, Limousin



regional jewellery and costumes, Limousin

regional jewellery and costumes, Limousin



French folk costumes from the Creuse departement


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French regional jewellery - Limousin


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