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The Valloire cross




Valloire cross with its original chain

cross from Valloire, Savoy, gold


Valloire crosses, gold



The Valloire cross has Christ on one side, Mary on the other and is distinguished by the rays emanating from the centre of the cross.  The arms are tipped with a fleur-de-lys motif.  Popular in the Champagne region, the Valloire cross was produced and worn in Champagne, Paris and the east of France and appears to be found only in gold.


croix de Valloire en or
Valloire cross in gold, modern copy




Valloire and baton crosses in the catalogue by the manufacturer Baudot, Paris, Empire period




croix de Valloire

croix de Valloire

croix de Valloire

Valloire cross - it's interesting to speculate that the three stars on rods that we see protruding from the large cross in the church of Valloire
(see engraving above) may well be the origin of the three groups of spheres on the Mary side of the gold Valloire cross shown here.




The Champagne cross



Champagne crosses in gold


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The Champagne cross is always uniface with an engraved and cut-out decoration, the Christ surmounting a skull with crossed shinbones. This cross is almost always made in gold.  It is in fact very similar to the neighbouring Lorraine cross, the only difference being that the cross is suspended from a thin, moveable ring whereas the Lorraine "abbesse" cross, shown below, has a wide, fixed suspension loop.




regional "abbesse" crosses worn in the Lorraine region.

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The grain cross


grain cross



The grain cross or "croix à graines" has a structure made of wires of gold connected together by flat discs, themseves interspersed with circular groups of five small spheres.  A groupe of seven spheres is set at the centre of the cross, while the suspension loop is attached to a fleur-de-lys motif.  These crosses were worn in the region delimited by Paris, Chalons-en-Champagne and Troyes and perhaps further afield. 




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